Client feature: Tomcat Chippers – Worcester

Website design client Worcester

In an endeavour to showcase some of our favourite clients we are launching a series of blogs to highlight their businesses and activities. One of the perks of being in the website design business is that we get to know so many interesting types of companies from a wide range of industries, which is what we would like to feature here:

Who is Tomcat Chippers?

First up is a local company in Worcester that builds its own wood chippers and supplies the African market with gravity-feed & hydraulic-feed wood chippers in the 4” to 10” range. Tomcat Chippers are proudly South African and have been manufacturing their own chippers since 2008. Their chippers are used mainly in the agricultural sector for turning green waste into wood chips for various uses. Clearing of alien invasives, producing livestock feed, felling trees or producing mulch are some of the many uses of these well-designed machines. Some of their smaller chippers are also for domestic use and can be hired for those who just need an occasional small job done. Currently their range includes 13 models (view full range here). Their after sales service is excellent, they repair their machines and as the product is locally manufactured spare parts are easier to come by.

What we like

The Tomcat chippers team is passionate about what they do and their schedule is packed with attending expos an agricultural shows to demonstrate their excellent local product and travelling to other African countries to introduce their chippers and train new customers on using them safely. Some Tomcat clients use their wood chippers rather innovatively, for example chipping alien vegetation on farms to produce nutritious livestock feed, especially during times of drought. One of their suppliers is the metal department of the Institute for the Blind in Worcester, which is a commendable way of supporting the local industry and a great cause. Tomcat also recently launched a bright pink chipper in an effort to create awareness for cancer and made a generous donation to CANSA with the sale of all TOMCAT Model 250 AFE wood chippers sold for a month.

What we do for them

web design and maintenance, corporate ID, content management, digital marketing

Artribe is responsible for their corporate ID (logo and branding), designing and maintaining the website, extensive content management (including writing and editing of blog articles) and digital marketing.